#0001: Cutco Knives

Cooking is such a simple task, but it can be hard if you don’t have the right kitchen tools.

The hardest part of cooking preparation is the cutting, dicing and slicing of food.  One has to use knives in order to do this, but most people don’t have the kind that make this task easy.

Some people go as far as to spend hundreds or even THOUSANDS of dollars on knives that claim to stay sharp for “many, many years.”  I can only imagine how these same people feel years later when they find themselves having to get their knives sharpened or, even worse, shelling out another few hundred/thousand dollars for yet another set of knives.

Unless, of course, the knives you own were made by Cutco!

Unlike most knives sold in stores, Cutco – which you can only buy through a Vector Marketing sales rep – is the REAL DEAL when it comes to high-end cutlery.  Simply put, the product is absolutely AMAZING.

Each knife in their catalog has its own specific purpose, whether it be slicing big/small chunks of meat, hacking open a watermelon, cutting a pie, peeling an apple or tenderizing a steak.  The blades themselves also differ in design to compliment the task at hand: some knives have straight edges for when you have to chop something, while others have blades with a jagged edge, or what they call a “Double-D” blade.  This may sound like a fancy name for a serrated edge knife, but there is a HUGE difference between how these two blades look, are designed, and function.

Aside from the knives, their customer service is out-of-this-world!  One of the best things they have in place is something called a “FOREVER GUARANTEE,” which pretty much puts your knives in Cutco’s care for… well, FOREVER!

The best part of the guarantee? If your knives ever feel like they are starting to get dull, you can send them back to the company for a FREE re-sharpening (minus a small shipping & handling fee).  Please note: you will RARELY, if ever, need to use this option – I’ve known people who had their Cutco knives for almost 40 years and have NEVER gotten them sharpened… yet those knives are still as sharp as the ones I’ve had for only a few years!

Whereas cooking may have seemed like a chore before, it actually becomes pleasurable again with Cutco cutlery.  It makes preparing a meal easier, safer, and much more fun.

Ah, Cutco… now THAT’S something to be thankful for!

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4 Responses to #0001: Cutco Knives

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  2. You say right. The Cutco Steak Knives are amazing. They make my beef more delicious.

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  4. An all ’round amazing blog post

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