#0004: That Part of an Apartment Lease That Limits the Number of Days a Guest Can Visit

We all know how the old saying goes: “Guests are like fish; after 3 or 4 days, they start to stink.”

At the same time, it can be hard for a person to tell a friend or relative visiting from out of town that they can only stay for a limited amount of days.  You don’t want to seem like a jerk to the other person; at the same time, though, how else can you explain to someone that, after a few days, their mannerism and habits are starting to rake your last nerve, or that you can only handle guests for x-amount of days before you start wanting to be by yourself again?

If you’re a home-owner, you don’t have much to help you out – all you can really do is make up some excuse as to why your guests will have to leave by a certain day (i.e. out of town business trip, getting the house fumigated, etc.) or tell them flat-out: “Yeah… you have to go now.”

BUT, if you’re renting an apartment, you have a little bit of luck on your side.

Why? Most apartment leases have something stated in the contract that LIMITS the amount of time that guests can stay with you!

At first this might seem like a burden, but when you think about it, it’s actually a GREAT clause to have.  Think about those times you’ve had an annoying relative or friend, who’s only tolerable to be around for a certain amount of time, call you up and ask if they can stay/visit you. You ask them how long they’re planning to stay, and they say: “Oh, maybe about a week or two…”

“DANG!” you think to yourself.  “I don’t want to host someone for that long, I got other things I need to do!”

But then you remember that lease you signed – specifically, the part that says: “Guest are only allowed to stay for 4 days in a row, unless they sign up for a lease to the place.”

Suddenly, you have a reason to shorten their stay: “Oh man, I’d LOVE for you to stay that long, but the lease only allows for 4 day visits, and they’re VERY strict.”  In the end, everyone gets what they want: that other person gets to visit you, and you get to kick them out after 4 days – all because of the clause included in your lease agreement.

Ah, that part of an apartment lease that limits the number of days a guest can visit… now THAT’S something to be thankful for!

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