#0007: TV Shows on DVD

Back in the day, if you had a favorite show on TV, the only ways you could catch it was to (a) watch the original broadcast, or (b) wait for the re-run to come on, either on its original network or on another network in syndication.

This, of course, caused a few annoying problems.  For one, if you started watching a show a few years after it started, it was very, VERY hard to watch earlier seasons of the show – let alone watch them in order – unless the network they were being played on decided to have a weekend-long marathon.

Another problem was that if a show wasn’t popular enough during its original run, the chances of it being on in syndication were slim.  This means that a show you may have personally enjoyed may never be seen again, unless you managed to tape all the episodes on your VCR (kids, ask your parents what that is).

But then, sometime in the early 2000s, someone came up with the BRILLIANT idea of releasing complete seasons/series of TV shows on DVD for people to purchase.  Suddenly, catching up on EVERY episode of your favorite show became a reality!

For example: I became a fan of the show “24” when season 5 started.  Once I got into the action of the show, I wanted to go back and see the first 4 seasons.  Prior to the invention of TV shows being sold on DVD, I would have had to find a channel that was playing reruns of the show.  Then – because it’s one of those shows that’s important to watch in broadcast order – I would have had to figure out if and when that channel was having a “24” marathon… and THEN, I would have had to stay up for 24 hours straight so as not to miss any of the important plot points of the show.

Instead, I was able to order the DVD sets one at a time and watch the shows at my leisure.  No having to watch the show at a specific time every day; I could either watch each episode sporadically or – as I did with season 4 – watch the entire thing in ONE sitting.

Ah, TV shows on DVD… now THAT’s something to be thankful for!

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