#0011: Cheap Jewelry that Looks Expensive

You may notice that lots of performers like to wear flashy jewelry.  Diamond-encrusted necklaces, metallic watches, fancy rings – all bought and worn to give off the impression that they’re rich, famous, and can’t be touched.

But what is an up-and-coming performer to do when they want to give the appearance that they’ve made it… but can’t actually afford to buy the type of jewelry those that have made it can buy?


Thanks to the wonderful joys of bootleg jewelry makers and wholesale stores found in just about every downtown area in the country (especially in Los Angeles and New York), a new artist can give themselves the look of a person who has lots of money, all on a shoe-string budget!

Now, one may ask: “But wait – WHY would I want to buy cheap and/or fake jewelry? Won’t people notice it’s not the expensive stuff and laugh at me?”

The answer is, not really.  9 times out of 10, if you’re a new artist who’s just starting to perform, the majority of people coming to your shows probably don’t have enough money to buy the real stuff themselves.  Another great barrier: you’re on stage and they’re in the audience, meaning they can’t get a close-up look of what you’re wearing.

Instead, all they’ll see from their ground-level position is that you’re (a) wearing flashy stuff, and that (b) it “looks” like it’s expensive (even though you know it’s not), which, in their minds, means you must be somewhat successful.  As long as you don’t tell them that you bought your various items downtown at the fashion district from a Chinese man’s warehouse for under 30 bucks, you should be able to fool just about everyone into thinking you’ve got lots of cash!

Ah, cheap jewelry that looks expensive… now THAT’S something to be thankful for!

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