#0013: Hyped-up Movie Previews

“In a world where brand new movies come out every Friday… a brand new film is rumored to be coming out in 3 months – one that you have absolutely NO plans on seeing…

” As the movie gets closer and closer to its release date, you begin to hear word that it has a strong buzz behind it… but still, you decide to put your foot down and NOT go to see the movie…

“But, just as you’re about to close your mind off from ever laying eyes on this looming film, IT happens…

“That’s right, IT happens… the movie’s preview drops.

“Maybe you see it as one of the previews of another movie you’ve gone to see.  Maybe you see it during the commercial of one of your favorite shows.  Or maybe one of your Facebook friends post it on your wall.

“Regardless of how you encounter it, you decide to watch the preview all the way through… and man, oh man, does it look AWESOME.

“Explosions. Sex. Violence.  Sex.  Car chases. Sex.  Hot women.  Fireballs.  Big ol’ trucks and tanks combating each other.

“Oh yeah – and lots and lots of sex.

“Suddenly, your icy feelings towards ever seeing this movie start to melt.  And each time another trailer for the movie drops, you get more and more excited, to the point where you finally make the decision to say:


“And when it comes out, you end up being the first person in line to see the movie.  And, 9 times out of 10, you’re glad you did.

“All this simply because the movie studio was smart enough to put together a trailer with so much hype, your brain had no choice but to be tricked into wanting to see it.  But oh, what a glorious trick it ended up being.  THE END.”

Ah, hyped-up movie previews… now THAT’S something to be thankful for!

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