#0015: Lip Balm

Crusty lips be gone!

Imagine a world without lip balm:

*On those days when it’s extremely hot outside and you’ve forgotten to properly hydrate yourself, your lips would become cracked, ashy and un-appealing as a result of all the peeling from your lips’ surface… and there would be NO way for you to get your lips back to a softer state (unless you rubbed them down with cooking oil or grease – not a good thing to do when it’s hot outside).

*You’d have to rely solely on keeping hydrated to make your lips soft.  Technically, it’s something you should do anyway, but what if you haven’t? Trying to drink water right away would still mean you’d have to wait a few hours for its effect to hit your lips!

*And for the ladies out there, what about giving your lips flavor – both figuratively and literally?  No lip balm means not being able to give your lips shades of color to match… um… well, whatever it is you’d like it to match that day.  It also means not being able to make those lips taste like cherry, grape, apple, or some other kind of fruit flavor as a means of making a guy think you taste like that when he kisses you.

Ah, lip balm… now THAT’S something to be thankful for!

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