#0017: Procedures that Limit Procreation, Part 2 (Humans)

Animals aren’t the only ones who can have their reproductive organs altered to prevent offspring production.  Humans from both sexes also have the option to surgical procedures that will significantly reduce their chances of creating mini-me versions of themselves!

Men have the option of getting a vasectomy, where surgeons go in and cut/burn/tie up the lining in their genitals that connects sperm to their exit hole.  Meanwhile, women can have a tubal ligation surgery (or, in layman’s terms, getting her “tubes tied”), where the fallopian tubes are cut and realigned so the eggs can’t travel down to her vagina.

As a guy who never ever EVER wants to have kids, I’m SO glad there are options such as these to prevent pregnancy from occurring.  For a guy, having a vasectomy means not having to worry about getting a woman pregnant should he decide to not want to wear a condom (note: a vasectomy doesn’t guard against STDs, so you should still wear one if you’re not married to the girl you’re having sex with).

For a woman, it means she doesn’t have to insist that her male sex partner wear condoms.  This can be a GREAT thing for women who are either allergic to certain condom materials (i.e. latex, lamb skin) or who don’t like the feel of condoms going in and out of them.

Best of all, though, is that these procedures help the world from over-populating.  Just think: if people couldn’t stop themselves from producing kids, a family of 3 could end up being a family of 11.  That’s at least 8 more children that would probably be neglected by parents who didn’t want them in the first place, yet had to have them because they just couldn’t stop jumping each other’s bones!

Ah, procedures that limit human procreation… now THAT’S something to be thankful for!

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