#0018: Closed-captioning

We already know why deaf people are so grateful for closed-captioning.  If you can’t hear anything but enjoy watching television, it’s nice to know there’s something programmed into the device that allows the words being said on-screen to be typed out.

But what about those of us who CAN hear? Why should WE be thankful for closed captioning?


1. Ever go to a noisy bar? They have televisions up in various places, but it can be hard to hear what the people on TV are saying when the bar gets too full and everyone’s talking.  But wait – thanks to closed-captioning, you can still understand what the people onscreen are saying, regardless of how loud your surroundings are!

2. You’re at home trying to watch a T.V. program. Suddenly, your spouse, girlfriend, brother, etc. come in the room and start trying to talk to you.  You’re pretty sure that whatever they’re trying to talk to you about is of no importance to you – and besides, you’re trying to watch your friggin’ program!  The volume is up, but it can be hard to really understand what they’re saying when the T.V. noise is being cross-interfered by someone’s talking.

With your closed-caption setting turned on, though, you can read what’s being said while ACTING like you’re listening to whoever’s in the room talking!

3. You can also make a GREAT drinking game out of closed-captioning.  If you can hear, you may notice that when you watch a movie with CC in it, there are oftentimes a few mistakes here and there.  Like, a character may say “Oh no, Scott, watch out for that falling rock,” yet it shows up in the CC as: “Oh no, Scott, that rock is falling!”

Basically, anytime you’re watching something and this type of thing happens, everyone in the group has to take a drink.  It may seem like a game where not much drinking would occur, but I recently watched a movie that had this type of error occur almost every 5 minutes.  Bottoms up!

Ah, closed-captioning… now THAT’S something to be thankful for!

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