#0020: The Song “Hot Cross Buns”

Almost every kid who ever took an elementary school/middle school music class is familiar with the song “Hot Cross Buns.”

The catchy English nursery rhyme, first written in 1798, has become a well-known classic by school children across the world.  It’s also one of the easiest “complex” novice songs for them to learn how to play on any instrument (next to “Mary Had a Little Lamb”).

Most kids first learn how to play this song on an instrument known as a “recorder,” a woodwind instrument that is similar to a flute and an introductory to similar-shaped instruments such as the flute.  The song itself isn’t that long and doesn’t really seem to go anywhere… so why should we give thanks to it?

For one, people who have gone on to be world-famous and/or well-respected instrumentalist first got confidence in their playing abilities from mastering this ONE little song.  You’d be surprised how hard it can be to get the finger combination and breaths together to perform something this simple – but if you ever did it, you know how much of a confidence booster it was to finally play it and have someone say: “Wow, good job on that ‘hot cross buns!'”

Another thing is that, when you get older, just the mention of, or hearing a note from the song can instantly make you feel like a kid again.  And – assuming you had a good childhood – who doesn’t like to have something that can take them back to a simpler time where they didn’t have as many responsibilities and life was more care-free?

Ah, the song “Hot Cross Buns…” now THAT’S something to be thankful for!

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