#0021: Sex Pheromones

Whoever said falling in love was easy… was absolutely RIGHT!

Oh sure, one may think they have to jump through a whole lot of hoops to make someone – ANYONE – fall for them.  Being a guy, we get told all the time that we have to do things like buy a girl dinner, take her out to a movie, give her a massage, pay her bills, juggle three jars of mayonnaise, slay a dragon and eat a plate of bugs before she’ll even THINK about finding us attractive enough to date.


Did you know that our bodies are already helping us attract mates?  How, you ask?


For those not in the know, pheromones are chemicals our bodies naturally extrude (often in odor-form) that can cause a member of the opposite sex (or same-sex) to find someone attractive upon sensing it.

Although this is a natural body excretion, there are many companies out there who make things such as perfumes and cologne that use synthetic (i.e. imitation) pheromones.  If you’ve ever wondered why you can look at a girl that’s butt ugly yet suddenly become hard when you smell her as she walks by… well, now ya know!

And what a great thing pheromones are!  Without their help, people might have an even harder time trying to get together (as if it isn’t hard enough already).  It’s nice to know you can attract a mate by, quite literally, being yourself – in the sense that “yourself” is giving off the right pheromones for another man or woman to “sense” that you’re the right person for them!

Ah, sex pheromones… now THAT’S something to be thankful for!

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