#0023: Push Up Bras

Push up bras are to women what a rolled-up sock is to men: a way to make a certain part of their body look bigger and fuller than it actually is.

Some people may consider push up bras as a full-frontal lie.  After all, who wants to fall for a woman who looks like they have lots of chest meat, only to find out later that 50% of their boob volume came from their bra?

With that said, though, they ARE something that both men AND women should be thankful for.

For one, push up bras can give women whose breasts aren’t that big a much-needed boost of confidence.  Yes, men, it’s true – just like we get a kick out of believing our “mini-me” isn’t so mini, women feel better about themselves when they are able to display a fuller, perkier chest to the world, even if it’s not all by their own doing.

As for men, we are visually turned on more than women by what we see.  We enjoy looking at cleavage, round figures and curves, and a push up bra is able to help the part of a woman we enjoy looking at most with these things.

Think back to your younger days, when you would find your Mom or Aunt’s Victoria’s Secret catalog and spend hours staring at the women – did you REALLY care that the majority of the women in there were wearing push up bras? OF COURSE NOT! All you cared about was that their breasts and cleavage looked FANTASTIC!

And most of the women in that catalog really DID have big breasts.  But even double-D women can use a good push up bra, especially as they get older and their breasts start to sag.  I don’t know about you, but I’d rather see a woman wearing a push up bra (or any kind of bra, really) to keep her gals floating atop the mid-range part of her body than  seeing them hang down to her belt-buckle!

Ah, push up bras… now THAT’S something to be thankful for!

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