#0024: Online Services that Let Independent Artists Upload Their Songs to iTunes

In June 2008, I released a song called “Obama Milli Remix,” a parody of Lil’ Wayne’s infectious “A Milli” song.  After I released the video for it, I had everyone from radio programmers to music fans bumping the song like crazy, and all of them send me messages asking the same exact question:

“Yo, where can I buy the song? Can I get it at iTunes?!?”

At the time, there weren’t many ways to do so. At least not that I knew of.  Aside from setting up a PayPal link or offering a free download, I didn’t really know what other ways there were to sell the song myself.  I knew if I was signed to a record company they’d be the ones to figure out all that stuff, but what was an artist such as myself, who had no manager, agent or company behind him, supposed to do in order to sell my songs??

But then, after much digging, I discovered something that has helped me get my songs out there AND get paid at the same time…


No longer does an undiscovered artist have to wait for a record company to push their songs to all the various online retailers.  Thanks to online sites such as Tunecore, OurStage, etc., any artist with a hot song can upload their music to these sites whose jobs it is to send it to the other online retailers!

The best part? It doesn’t cost that much money.  Take Tunecore, for example: If you want to upload just ONE song, it costs 9.99 for you to upload it and have them send it to 19 of the online retailers – iTunes, Amazon.com, Rhapsody, Napster, etc.  And if you want to send an album, it’s 19.99 plus .99 cents per song on the album.

They also have monthly discounts that cut down on how much you spend getting a whole album into stores.  For my last album I used a coupon code that allowed me to save 20% off uploading my album – it only ended up costing me 37.95 for a 16-song album!

Another good thing is that, with most of these services, you get to keep 100% of the royalties.  That means, if you’re like me and have a hit song posted up, you don’t have to worry about dividing the profits amongst various entities (manager, record company, producer, etc.) – ALL THE MONEY GOES TO YOU!

Ah, online services that let independent artists upload their songs to iTunes… now THAT’S something to be thankful for!

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One Response to #0024: Online Services that Let Independent Artists Upload Their Songs to iTunes

  1. Annabell says:

    Do you know of any that will upload it to itunes, amazon, etc. for free? If so, please contact me at princess15432@yahoo.com and let me know. Thanks.

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