#0028: Having Friends as Neighbors

“Thank you for bein’ a friiiiiiend…”

You know what sux? When you move to a new city and you know absolutely NO one there.

When I lived in Richmond, Atlanta and D.C., I knew almost NOBODY there.  Oh sure, there were a few people I knew from college who lived in these cities, but the majority of them were usually too busy doing other things to hang out.

Imagine my surprise, then, when I moved to Los Angeles and almost ALL the people I contacted wanted to see me!

One of my friends named Joe was one of the first person I re-connected with when I came here. He’d come up to where I lived from time to time and we could go out to clubs, film gigs, or just hang out to have a good time.

Another friend of mine, Danielle, also lives in Cali.  She quickly became a person I could talk to on a regular basis about darn near anything, and we both helped each other in various ways however we could.

Unfortunately, both of these friends lived farther south than I did – about 30 minutes (or, in Cali traffic terms, an hour or two depending on the time of day).  And it sucked because I was close to them both and wished we could see each other more.


I got noticed from my roommate at the time (who I was also paying the rent to) that he was giving up the apartment, meaning I’d have to move.  Later that week, I found out from Danielle that an apartment in her building was coming up for lease.  And, that same day, I found out that Joe was also looking to rent an apartment and needed a roommate.


Next thing you know, me and Joe moved into the apartment complex that Danielle lived in.

Since then, I’ve learned all about the joys of having your friends as your neighbors.  It’s easy to invite them to stuff because you don’t have to worry about when they’ll be able to meet you at your place  – all of you are already there!

Some other perks of having friends as neighbors:

  • Carpooling is easy since you’re all leaving from the same place
  • Need company for dinner? Walk 10 feet to the right and knock on the door – BOOM! Instant dinner companion
  • If you’re low on certain food supplies, you can borrow it from your neighbor/friend, usually without much hassle
  • You have someone you trust to look out for your place when you go out of town – and they don’t have to drive across town to do it
  • If you want someone to accompany you on an impromptu trip… well, you get the idea

Best of all, though, is the fact that you get to build stronger bonds and memories with people you already like in the first place.  And what could be better than that?

Ah, having friends as neighbors… now THAT’S something to be thankful for! (Special shout-out to Danielle for the suggestion – thanks!)

Have your own idea for something to be thankful for? Email 1001ThingsToBeThankfulFor@Gmail.com.

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