#0029: The 4th of July (i.e. Independence Day)

I don’t know who had the idea to make the 4th of July an official holiday (especially since the Declaration of Independence wasn’t actually signed on this date back in 1776 – but you can look that up for yourself), but it was a BRILLIANT idea.

It’s only one of two holidays that occur during the summer (besides Labor Day), and it has gone from a reminder of America’s freedom from England to a full-out celebration. 

A few reminders about what makes this holiday so great:

1. NO WORK – That’s right, people!  Because it’s a nationally recognized holiday, most places of business close down for the day.  And nothing makes the weekend even MORE fun than having it expanded to a FOURTH day!

2. FIREWORKS! – Who doesn’t love fireworks! They’re bright and colorful, make loud noises, and can somehow be magically made to look like all different types of shapes and sizes. 

3. FOOD! – Somehow, Independence Day has turned into the summer version of Thanksgiving, the only difference being that the food is cooked on a grill and served outside.  Either way, you’re likely to be invited to a barbeque of some kind, and nothing makes me happier than being able to snag a plate of free food!

4. SALES! – Almost every store you can think of is having some kind of sale on the 4th.  You won’t see many of these kinds of deals again until Christmas, so jump on them now while you have the chance!

5.. INDEPENDENCE – It’s nice to have a day that lets us give thanks to the many freedoms we get to enjoy.  Us Americans can sometimes forget just how hard our forefathers fought so they wouldn’t have to follow under another country’s rule. So even if your day is filled with all the other aforementioned stuff, take a moment to remember what it’s REALLY for in the first place.

Ah, the 4th of July (i.e. Independence Day) – now THAT’S something to be thankful for!

Have your own idea for something to be thankful for? Write 1001ThingsToBeThankfulFor@gmail.com!

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