#0030: Couches that Somehow Always Manage to Have Just the Right Amount of Loose Change You Need Stuck Between its Crevasses

You’re trying to get money together to go to the store. Or pay for bus fare. Or to buy the latest video game.

Your cards are maxed out, meaning you have no choice but to pay for your purchase in cash. Unfortunately, you’re a few dollars short of what you need in order to buy the item you so desire.

You do a double-take through your wallet, yet still come up short. At this point, your dreams of making your purchase seems hopeless…


That’s when you look at the couch sitting in your living room. You think to yourself: “Hmm… could there possibly be enough money trapped in there to help me out?

Only one way to find out…

You go over to the couch and pull away the pillows. Instantly, lying there on the flat part of the couch, you find 3 quarters and 2 dimes. Things are off to a good start.

You dig between the cracks on both sides of the sofa. Nickels, dimes, and a few more quarters are discovered. Then, you dig into the back of the couch, where you find a few more coins to help you out. Finally, you lift up the couch and discover another $1.50 in coins sitting on the floor.

You count up all the coin change you’ve found, and are happy when you realize: you now have just enough money to make your purchase… not to mention 15 extra cents afterward to boot!

Who knows how or why couches always seem to have just the right amount of change you need when you need it.¬† The important thing is, thanks to that couch and its magical money powers, you’re usually able to complete whatever cash amount you need for your purchase.

Ah, couches that somehow always manage to have just the right amount of loose change you need stuck between its crevasses… now THAT’S something to be thankful for!

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