#0031: People Who Are Openly Racist

Recently, Mel Gibson has gotten into a heap of trouble for comments he made to his now ex-girlfriend.  While insulting a choice of clothing she was going to wear out in public, he somehow managed to tell her that the outfit she was wearing could mean she’d be raped by a gang of…

Well, it was followed by an epitaph for Black people that’s more commonly used by rappers these days (minus the “er” at the end, of course).

People were outraged that Mel was not more careful with his choice of words, particularly considering the bru-ha-ha that happened the last time he insulted a group of people (the Jews, in case you forgot).  Given the sensitivity of racial issues in this country, many assume that even if Mel had these views he would, at the very least, do a better job of hiding them.

Really?  Is that really a GOOD idea?

Personally, I think someone like Mr. Gibson should be APPLAUDED.  Not because his thoughts are correct (they aren’t); but because he’s a person who’s committed actions that let the whole world know that he is a racist person.

Despite how far people like to think racial relations in this country have become, many of them still have a bias against other races.  They will often blame a Black person for getting “their” spot at a college, or get angry at an Asian person for holding up traffic… yet they’ll do it in silence, hoping no one finds out that they are holding these views.

At first, this would seem like a good thing.  However, hidden racism isn’t ALWAYS a good thing because it manifest itself in other ways.  For example, a Latino businessman might act like he’s cool with Black people, yet won’t advance any of his Black workers to a more authoritative position in his administration.  Or, an Indian person might give the appearance they are okay with White people, until one of them tries to marry someone in their family.

At least if you KNOW someone is a racist, you can avoid trying to get close to that person.  Nothing sucks worse than be-friending someone you don’t think is racist, only to find out later on that they’ve been getting close to you so they could sabotage your efforts.

Ah, people who are openly racist… now THAT’S something to be thankful for!

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3 Responses to #0031: People Who Are Openly Racist

  1. Cherilyn says:

    LOL Aaron, you are soooo right!! Reminds me of this white guy I used to hang out with (yeah, a WHITE guy…you can pick your jaw up off the ground now lol) who talked junk about the fact that I liked “slant eyes” and black men. I, at that time, was dating a black man…and he would incessantly talk about black men badly. Flash forward to a year later, he’s dating a black woman. When I started giving him flack about the fact that he was talking down about black men but dating a black woman, this was his response: “There’s a difference between black men and black women. Black women work.” I then saw this same guy, whose name I won’t mention for his safety clearly lol, talking to a black male friend we had went to high school with, telling him to “come by and see a brother (referring to himself)”…what crap!! So anyway, I agree, better to know they’re ignorant than to find out later accidentally.

  2. Levey says:

    Your article implies through tone that racist=whites. This paragraph is a good example of this,

    …They will often blame a Black person for getting “their” spot at a college, or get angry at an Asian person for holding up traffic… yet they’ll do it in silence, hoping no one finds out that they are holding these views.

    Instead of saying “they blame another class/race for taking their spot…” you indirectly point the finger to whites so that it reads “White people will often blame a Black person….”

    Perhaps this was your intent and if so I heartily disagree with you. All races show bias to other races. Yet only Caucasians are called racist when they do it.

    • A.P. Taylor says:

      Thank you for your comment. The word “they” is open to interpretation, and not a slant towards any specific race. While it is true that the media often pushes the idea that Whites are soley the ones who say Blacks are taking their places at college, they are not the ONLY ones who feel this way, much in the same way that whites are not the only ones who blame Asians for traffic issues. Thus, the reason I didn’t say any specific race in the preceeding sentence.

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