#0034: Apple Stores Having Computers Set up For People to Use for FREE!

Hey everybody – guess where I’m typing this blog entry from??

What’s that, you say?  You think I’m at home typing this at my OWN computer?!? Perhaps YOU didn’t get the hint by looking at the picture to the right…

BAM! I’m typing it at the APPLE COMPUTER STORE!

You know what’s so GREAT about the Apple store? Aside from all the flashy techno-gadgets and exclusive software that you can buy there, Apple stores have something in them that most computer stores don’t…


I first encountered this strange phenomenon while working as a server in Atlanta. During my breaks, I would walk across the parking lot to the mall and walk around.  One day, I noticed the mall had an Apple computer store, and inside were all these computers.  This wasn’t much different from other stores I’d seen with computers in it…

But this one had ONE thing different: people walking in and out of the store USING the computers!

At first I was afraid to do it myself – I thought you had to ask one of the store attendants if it was okay for them to put in a password at one of the computers so I could use it.  I also assumed they would have a time limit on how long I could actually use the computers.

Lo and behold: after a few visits into the store, I realized that these computers were for free range usage, at just about anytime (except for when they use them for in-store demo classes), for as long as you wanted (so long as their wasn’t much traffic in the store).

And I’m SO glad Apple stores do this.  The way I see it, it’s a win-win situation for everyone: for the person on the street, it gives them a computer to use should they be out and about and suddenly need to use one; and for Apple, it gives them free advertising for their machines.  After all, if a person goes into their store enough times and gets a feel for how easy and powerful a MAC machine is, they will eventually convince themselves to buy one, without having to have a salesperson push it upon them.  What can I say, it worked on me!

Ah, Apple stores having computers set up for people to use for free… now THAT’S something to be thankful for!

Have your own idea for something to be thankful for? Email 1001ThingsToBeThankfulFor@Gmail.com!

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