#0039: That Fading Blue Strip on Shaving Razors

For some strange reason, the majority of jobs in this country require men to shave.  I think it has something to do with looking less threatening to clients or something – but who really cares? 

Meanwhile, women tend to shave another part of their body – their legs. (What part were YOU thinking about, sicko??)  Oh sure, they COULD allow the hair to grow out… but most women like to wear skirts or dresses, and seeing them walk around with a bush on their legs is NOT a pretty sight.

In order to shave, people buy these things called “razors” which allow them to remove the hair stubble off their face/legs/etc..  Unfortunately, like all man-made things, they eventually break down and stop working.  In this case, the blade becomes dull and starts working less and less well.  It may still shave off hair, but it takes more strokes and can start cutting up the skin really bad.

But how is one to tell if their razor is bad?

Well, back in the stone ages of razor use one would have to either guess that their blade needed changing OR go through several bad shaving sessions before realizing they needed to get a new one.  But then, someone thought of adding on a simple little fading blue strip to the top of the razor, and suddenly figuring out when a blade’s gone dull was made much easier!

It works very easily: a strip made of I-have-no-idea is pasted on top of the razor.  Every time a person uses it, the strip gets slightly faded.  After about 2 to 3 months of usage, the strip will have turned white and the user will, hopefully, get the hint that it’s time to change razors.  It’s so simple, a cave man could shave with it!

Ah, that fading blue strip on shaving razors… now THAT’S something to be thankful for!

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