#0044: Being Able to Watch Church Sermons at Home on TV

I love church sermons. There’s nothing like being able to hear a pastor preach something that’s positive, beneficial and motivating to my own life.

What I do NOT like, however, is all the stuff I usually end up having to suffer through before I get to the actual sermon: the choir songs; the church announcements, the testimonials from people – ones that seem like a BIG deal to them but are really trivial (“Praise be God, he helped me pay my light bill!” News flash: nobody else cares.)

Even when the sermon finally DOES arrive, there are still parts of it that make me uncomfortable.  My main annoyance is anything involving me having to interact with someone during the sermon – y’know, the parts where the pastor says something like: “Turn to your neighbor and say ‘neighbor…'” at this point I’m doing all I can to NOT look at the person next to me.  Unfortunately for me most people in church are zombies and will do whatever the pastor tells them to do.  Meaning, the person standing next to me will usually turn to me, expecting me to do the same, and say whatever statement the pastor has instructed them to say.


I’m sure I’m not the only one out there who enjoys hearing God’s word but doesn’t like the stuff mentioned above that happens when you go to an actual church building.  When I go someplace to hear God’s word, that’s ALL I’m going there for, not all the extra stuff.

Which is why I’m SO glad that many pastors and churches broadcast their services over the television airwaves!  There are many high-profile preachers out there with great sermons (i.e. Creflo Dollar, T.D. Jakes) who happen to have regular Sunday T.V. broadcasts.  Instead of having to get up and travel to some building, I can stay in bed and hear God’s word from the comfort of my room. 

No songs, no having to touch or talk to other people, and no waiting around an extra hour to hear a sermon. Nope, when they say the program starts at 9 A.M. on channel 5, THAT’S when the actual sermon starts.  And, since they’re pressed for time, its efficient, quick, and long enough for me to get my fill before I finish out my day!

Ah, being able to watch church sermons at home on T.V…. now THAT’S something to be thankful for!

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