#0045: Grocery Stores That Are Open 24 Hours (Submitted by Sharaun)

And now, the top 5 reason why 24-hour grocery stores deserve our thanks:

1. No having to rush to get to the store “before it closes” to get food… because it never does!

2. They can make for a GREAT late night hang-out spot after the night clubs close.  You may think I’m joking, but in college areas a 24-hour grocery store acts almost like an after-party place! (Shout out to Hampton University and Club Walmart!)

3. You can go late at night when almost NOBODY is there, which means little to NO long lines!

4. Because sometimes special circumstances require their existence.  A person who gets off work at 2 A.M. may not want to buy fast food and need to pick up something they can cook.  A pregnant lady with an appetite for food that she MUST HAVE NOW – even if that “NOW” is at 3:30 A.M. – can go and get that food before she gets sick and throws up for not eating.

5. There’s nothing like being able to go to a store and race the carts down the aisles (by running then jumping on the back of them) without worrying about people seeing you as a “weirdo” or a “danger to them & their kids.”  (What, am I the only one who still does that??)

Ah, grocery stores that are open 24 hours… now THAT’S something to be thankful for! (Special shout out to Sharaun for the suggestion!)

Have your own idea for something to be thankful for? Email 1001ThingsToBeThankfulFor@Gmail.com!

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