#0049: Baby-naming Books

Makynzi. Tegwin. KaeLeigh. Cash.

No, these are not some made-up words. These are actual names that some well-meaning but DUMB AS BRICKS parents have named their kids. And these are actually TAME compared to people I’ve run across with REALLY atrocious names. (Crystalle, anyone? The person, not the alcoholic drink…)

The problem with people is that they can be very egotistical at times.  They often don’t think about what is beneficial to other people, but instead what is pleasing to themselves. 

Unfortunately, this also carries over into the baby-naming process as well.  Parents will go out of their way to give their newborn baby a name that “sounds original” or “has a deep meaning to it” because they think it’s cute.  In the process, they forget that this is a name the kid will probably be STUCK WITH FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIVES. Yes, they can change their name, but it can be quite the tedious process trying to do so.

Then again, does it REALLY matter what a person is named? Quite frankly, yes – how a person feels about their name can also determine how they’ll view themselves, how others will view them, and what opportunities will or won’t open up to them.  I’m sorry, but I don’t believe a girl named “Doo-dooquisha” is going to be a top executive at a Fortune 500 company!

 To be fair, though, figuring out a name you want to give a being that’s not yet here can be quite the challenge.  It’s quite a good thing, though, that there are aids to help a soon-to-be-parent with such a task: BABY-NAMING BOOKS!

There are hundreds (if not thousands) of books out there a person can use that list name idea after name idea.  Sure, the majority of these names aren’t that original, especially if they’re being listed in a book (meaning, the names have all been used before), but the fact that they’re in the book in the first place means, at the very least, that the name has been successfully used before. 

Plus, with a baby book  you won’t see a bunch of ghetto and/or racist sounding names. Can we say “Nazimala” anyone?

Ah, baby-naming books… now THAT’S something to be thankful for!

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