#0051: Getting Hired for a Job After Days/Weeks/Months of Trying

In today’s economy, many businesses are doing everything they can to cut expenses.  Unfortunately, this can often mean that businesses are not only letting go of people, but they aren’t hiring either.

This news sucks monkey balls for people who currently don’t have a job.  They have the skill, talent, education, and ability to do just about any job they want; and, they do everything they can to get the word out about themselves.  Resumes? Check.  Interviews? Check. Kissing up the hiree’s butt? Check.

And yet, even with all of this, they are just one person in a sea full of people doing the same exact things everyday, hoping to get hired by that one employer who thinks they are the perfect person for the job.

And it can be quite a blow to your ego when you go to job interview after job interview thinking you’ve done a great job putting on the “I Want to Work Here” show, yet NOT getting the position.  After a while, all that rejection can start to wear a person thin.

How great a feeling is it, then, when you check your phone messages or email one day and find a message that says:

“Hey, just wanted to let you know, if you still want the position the job is yours…”

That’s right – after all the time you spent putting yourself out there, someone finally decided you were worth hiring.  And, while it may or may not be a job you would normally consider for yourself, the important thing is that you HAVE one.  Because, realistically, there are still MILLIONS of people who DON’T have a job, and would KILL to have yours.

Ah, getting hired for a job after days/weeks/months of trying… now THAT’S something to be thankful for!

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