#0055: Striptease Classes for Women

As Ludacris once said, us men want a “lady in the streets, but a FREAK in the bed!”

Unfortunately, there are many women out there who wouldn’t know how to be a bedroom “freak” if they grew a large hump on their back and started walking around on their toe corns. So sad. ūüė¶

The problem is simple: there are many women out there who grew up in households where conversations about all things sexual were forbidden.¬† This problem is compounded even more so for girls who grew up with very strict and/or highly religious parents, who didn’t want little Susie or Virginia to even THINK the word “sex” until they were over 18 and – if possible – married.

These women never get a chance to figure out what kinds of things would turn them on.¬† Worse, though, is that they also never get to practice those things that would really, REALLY turn a man on in the bed.¬† True, it’s not exactly that hard to figure out how sex works once you’re in the bedroom for the first time; however, knowing what things to do to further enhance the act takes practice, confidence, and a belief in one’s self that they ARE a desirable and sexual being.

Thankfully, there are actually classes women can take to help them gain a sense of femininity, flexibility, and sensuousness they so desperately need.  They are called: STRIPTEASE CLASSES!

These wonderful classes are usually taught by strippers – a good plus – and are meant to help the everyday woman who may not know how to come out of her shell on her own. They teach women how to move more seductively, help them to get fit (because stripping uses dancing and stretching, which is kinda like – gasp – excercise!) and, in most cases, work a pole!

By using at home what they’ve learned in these classes, women are able to feel more comfortable doing those extra little things in the bedroom to make their man go: “Wow, Susie – you are SO much more better at this than I gave you credit for!”

Ah, striptease classes for women… now THAT’S something to be thankful for!

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