#0057: Cougars! (And I Don’t Mean the Animal)


(A) A large, tawny cat, Felis concolor, of North and South America: now greatly reduced in number and endangered in some areas. (B) A woman in her 30s or 40s who actively pursues casual sexual relationships with young men.

Translation: an older women who’s all about gettin’ it on with the younger ones 🙂


They’re fit! They’re fabulous! They like to do that OTHER f-word!


They don’t need a man to pay their way for a date! Chances are, they don’t even really CARE about being taken out – they just wanna GET-IT-ON!


They’re usually divorcees who are tired of dealing with men their own age, and want to be with someone who makes them feel young again!


They’re confident, down-to-earth, and straightforward in what they want.  And, unlike younger women who feel the need to play games or turn down a guy for some made-up reason (real-life example: “he had a car, but it wasn’t a NEW car, and I just couldn’t get with that”), they aren’t trying to make you jump through hoops or wait around for what both of you really want anyway – hot passionate sex!


They may not always want to get you into a full-on relationship, but at least you usually know where they stand.  And, if they DO want to be in a relationship, you’ll probably have someone on your side who’s an equal partner since she’s more mature.  In other words, she’s ready to carry her part of the weight to make the relationship work.


And the best thing of all? You’ll already know if she’ll be attractive when she gets older… ’cause she already IS!  Most women start losing their looks in their late 30s/early 40s (sometimes earlier).  If you’re dating a 45 to 60-year-old woman who still looks like she could compete with a 20-year old in the looks department, you KNOW you’ve got a winner on your hands!

Ah, cougars… now THAT’S something to be thankful for!

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