#0059: The Opportunity to Sleep In (Submitted by Da Shawnna)

There’s just so much to do in a day!

Be it work, school, or just having to run errands, your day can be so packed by life’s demands, many of which require you to get up early in the morning.  Oh sure, you COULD try sleeping late and going to work 2 hours late, but there’s a good chance you’d end up LOSING your job.

How great is it, then, when you’re planning your activities for the next day… and you realize that you don’t have to actually BE anywhere early in the morning?

Suddenly, a big ol’ smile comes across your face.  For you have just realized that you get to experience something you hardly get a chance to experience these days…


You get to actually go to bed – this time without having to set your alarm clock – and sleep as late into the morning as you would like! Isn’t that GREAT?!?

Now, you’ll be able to get up the next day (whenever that may be) well rested and even more ready to deal with all the other things you’ll have to deal with that day.  Heck, if you REALLY don’t have anything planned out to do, you could even stay in bed all day – now how often do you get to do THAT??

Ah, the opportunity to sleep in… now THAT’S something to be thankful for! (Shout outs to Da Shawnna for the suggestion!)

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