#0061: Party Drinking Games!

Get out your glasses, folks, ’cause it’s time to pour up the drinks and play some party drinking games!

You know what I’m talking about: it’s those games played at just about every house party (at least the good ones, anyway) that are specifically designed to get you and the surrounding party-goers drunk!  They’re also very good for breaking the ice, socializing, and – if you play the right ones – getting people to do things that they wouldn’t do were it not for a game telling them to do so!

Next time you go to a party and people seem to be standing against the wall, afraid to speak to people because they don’t know everybody, you should suggest playing some of the following games:


Get a decent-sized table, 2 ping-pong balls, 6 red cups on both sides (or blue if you’re a Crip), a partner and some spectators.  All you gotta do is try to throw or bounce the ping-pong ball into one of the cups on the other side.  If you make it, the opposing team has to drink from the cup the ball fell in.  First one to get to rid the other side of all their cups wins – and gets the opposing team members drunk faster!


Everyone sits together in a circle.  Grab 2 decks of cards, shuffle them, and spread them in a circle, face-down, in the middle of where everyone it seated (usually around a table).  You go in a circle one person at a time (i.e. you pick a card, take your turn, then the next person picks a card, takes their turn, etc.) and pick a card; each number/face card correlates with an action, usually one that will result in someone drinking.  After each turn, the picked card is discarded.  You do this repeatedly until all the cards have been used.

Here’s how it’s played around these part:

2-Card: YOU take a drink
3-Card: You choose a person to drink
4-Card: “Four on the floor.” Everyone places their hands on the table; the last person to do so takes a drink
5-Card: If you pick this card, everyone in the circle gets to ask you a question – and you HAVE to answer it.
6-Card: “Six is chicks!” All girls take a drink.
7-Card: “Seven Heaven” – Everyone throws both hands in the air; last one to do so takes a drink.
8-Card: “Thumb master.” Anytime you place your thumb on the table, everyone else in the circle has to do so. Last one to do so takes a drink. NOTE: You remain thumb master until the next person picks up an 8-card.
9-Card: “Nine is Rhyme.” You pick a word, and everyone in the circle has to say a word that rhymes with it. First person to mess up has to drink.
10-Card: “Ten is Men!” – All guys take a drink.
Jack Card: Social – everyone takes a drink.
Queen Card: “Question.” The person who draws the card asks a random question to the person next to them. That person does NOT answer the question; instead, they ask their own question to the person next to them. This continues on in the circle until a person is either stumped or laughs (the questions CAN get quite silly and, oftentimes, inappropriate enough for this to occur).
King Card: “Kategories.” You choose a category – “cars” for example – and each person in the circle has to think of something that matches that category – “Oldsmobile” for example. First person to mess up takes a drink.
ACE CARD: The “Choose Your Own Rule” card. This is the BEST card in the game, if you work it right. You can make up your own rule, and it has to be followed for the rest of the game. This can be anything from something simple – “every time a face card is picked, you have to sing a song lyric” – to something daring, or even a little risqué – “anytime someone picks a 4, they get to choose someone to kiss them!”


The classic, and it’s one of the easiest ways to find out who’s a trooper (i.e. down for ANYTHING) and who’s a pooper (i.e. a piece of wussy crap you shouldn’t be hanging out with).  This one’s simple in terms of the drinking component – truth or dare someone, and if they don’t want to answer the “truth” question or do the “dare” they take a drink – but you may find yourself surprised to see the types of things people are willing to do if they are dared to do it.

Ultimately, the purpose of these games really isn’t about the drinking – heck, if you’re in AA, you could easily do all these games with cups of Kool-Aid or orange juice.  It’s about loosening up around strangers, finding ways to connect with others, and having an excuse to be uninhibited and have fun.  Ain’t nuthin’ wrong with that!

Ah, party drinking games… now THAT’S something to be thankful for!

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