#0063: Food Places with a “Kids Eat FREE” Option

Of all the expenses a parent will rack up as a result of having children, the one that will be consistently high is the amount of money they will spend feeding their lil’ rodents. Every time they go to the store to buy themselves food, they also have to remember to tack on twice of what they expected to spend in order to feed these aliens that came about as a result of procreation.

The same thing happens when they go out to eat at a fast food place or restaurant.  9 times out of 10 the kids will be in tow, and when the parents stop someplace to eat, the kids are usually going to want to get something as well.

Now, I’m sure when a person is in the throes of passion creating these things, they don’t really think about how, when it gets here, they’re going to have to spend extra money taking kids out to various restaurants to eat, only to have the kid waste that money by wasting food.  Kids are (a) notoriously picky eaters, and (b) have no sense of the value of a dollar.

What does this mean?  Chances are, the meal you buy your kid is, oftentimes, going to be either half-eaten, thrown away because it “taste yucky,” or accidentally dropped on the floor due to under-developed motor skills that are still forming.  Meanwhile, you’ll have wasted another $5-10 dollars (or more, depending on how nice the place you’re eating is) to NOT feed someone.

Luckily for parents, many food places are aware of just how finicky kids can be.  They also realize that most kids don’t eat as much food as adults in one sitting, and that the portion of food they would want to eat barely costs their restaurant anything to make.

For this reason, these restaurants often have a “Kids Eat FREE” option on their menu – and it’s one of the BEST policies a parent could ask for!

In most of these places, a kid can eat free as long as an adult order of some kind is purchased.  It works out great for the parent because it means not having to feel like they wasted any money should the kid’s order end up in the trash can; and it works out great for the kid because they don’t have to be served a huge portion of food, meaning they’re put in a better position to actually finish their meal (and not get yelled at by their parents for wasting food and money).

Ah, food places with a “kids eat FREE” option… now THAT’S something to be thankful for!

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