#0064: Public Restrooms Without Entrance/Exit Doors

A public restroom is a haven for all kinds of bacteria.  People walk in there and pee all over the toilet seat and floors; they “forget” to flush the toilet; little pubic hairs and butt hairs fall all over the place… it’s pretty gross.

Then, to top it all off, there are people who, after handling their “junk in the front” and “diggin’ all up in their arse,” somehow manage to avoid washing their hands!  They walk straight from the toilet to the bathroom’s entrance/exit area without so much as a thought about placing their hands under some hot water with soap.

And you know what THAT means? If the bathroom in question has an entrance/exit door with a handle on it, that friggin’ handle is LOADED with all types of bacteria from various sources.  Who doesn’t love the idea of touching a surface filled with germs from feces, sperm, urine, boogers, etc.

Oh wait, that’s right – NOBODY likes that!

Now me, I wash my hands EVERY TIME I go to the bathroom.  And then I get to the entrance/exit door, and I think about all this, and I wonder how the heck I’m going to get out.  In many cases, it’s as simple as grabbing a paper towel and using it to grab the handle.

2 problems, though: one, not all bathrooms have paper towels (thanks a LOT, air drying machine!!!), and two, even bathrooms that are SUPPOSED to have paper towels can run out, which ends up leaving a person no choice but to grab the handle and risk getting… well, whatever it is that can be caught from placing your hands on a germ-orgy.

That’s why I’m SO happy that there are actually public restrooms that do NOT have these entrance/exit doors.  No doors means not having to deal with handles or other things a person would need to push/pull to get the door open.  All you have to do is walk in, find a stall, use it, flush, then walk out.

If you decide to wash your hands (which, for the record, you SHOULD), that’s great.  However, if you decide to be a nasty person who doesn’t want to wash their hands, at least me and the rest of the public won’t be infected by your stupid decision – YEAH, THAT’S RIGHT, YOU HEARD ME, GUY I SAW THE OTHER DAY AT THE MOVIE THEATER BATHROOM WHO TOOK THAT LONG CRAP AND THEN JUST WALKED OUT THE DOOR!!! IT’S A GOOD THING THAT BATHROOM DIDN’T HAVE  A DOOR, ‘CAUSE THEY RAN OUT OF PAPER TOWELS AND I WOULDA HAD TO TOUCH THE SAME HANDLE AS YOU AND I WOULDA PROBABLY FREAKED OUT, TRACKED YOU DOWN AND YELLED AT YOU REPEATEDLY!!!  THAT’S GROSS, YOU BASTAAAAARD!

Ah, public restrooms without entrance/exit doors… now THAT’S something to be thankful for!

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