#0068: Being Able to Lock Your Phone So People Can’t Get In Your Business

Hey! What are you doing to my phone?!?

Oh, I see – I leave my phone alone for 5 minutes to go to the bathroom, and you’re over there trying to go through it?!?  You’re trying to see whose numbers I have in my phone, who’s been calling me, and who I’ve been texting, aren’t you? 

Relax, baby! I told you I wasn’t trying to talk to anybody but you, but OH NO! You just couldn’t trust me, could you?  Geez, you catch me texting ONE girl ONE time, and now you be getting all suspicious!  I TOLD you that girl was my aunt – it ain’t my fault she just happens to be a stripper!

I thought I could trust you, girl! It’s a good thing my phone allows me to lock it up so people such as yourself can’t be gettin’ all NOSY and up in my business when I leave it lying around.  Who knows – I could have been texting people trying to plan you a surprise birthday party, and the whole thing coulda been ruined ’cause of you being all mistrusting!

Ah, being able to lock up your phone so people can’t get in your business… now THAT’S something to be thankful for!

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