#0069: Hangers

The hanger. Seemingly simple by design, and usually consisting of nothing more than a bent-up wire and, if “fancy,” a covering of some kind (paper or wood).

At first glance, there wouldn’t appear to be anything to really show appreciation for.  But then you start to realize just how often you use one, and realize how cluttered your life would be without it.

Go to your closet right now – RIGHT NOW – and look at all the clothes you have hanging up.  Now, imagine if the hanger didn’t exist.  Where would you place those clothes?

You might say, “oh, I’d store them in a drawer.” But you’ve already got drawers that have clothes in them. Buying more drawers would mean having to buy another dresser for your room, which would give it less space and make it look cluttered.

You might say, “oh, I’d just buy less clothes then.”  But come on – you know the majority of clothes in your dresser are for wearing around the house, or on days where you’re being leisurely.  Most of the clothes hanging in your closet are either for nice occasions or for items you don’t want mangled or wrinkled.

And mangled and wrinkled are what those clothes would become if they weren’t hung.  Can you imagine keeping your brand new suit folded in a drawer?  What about that sexy dress you bought for events requiring you to look classy – is that same dress going to look classy if it’s stuck in a drawer somewhere?

Not that I’m trying to diss drawers, by the way.  I think they, too, are very useful.   The point, though, is that you can’t keep everything in a drawer… well, okay, technically you can, but placing certain clothes on something where they can hang straight up-and-down is very, very convenient.  Sure, you COULD place your various suits, jackets, khaki pants, and dresses in drawers, but using something as simple as a hanger for those items instead is a much, much better idea.

Ah, hangers… now THAT’S something to be thankful for!

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