#0070: Having Friends Willing to be Honest With You About Yourself – The Good AND The Bad

“Friends – how many of us have them?”

Okay, so almost EVERYONE on Earth has at least ONE friend.  But how many of those friends are willing to be completely honest with you about yourself?

Sure, friends are there to have fun with, share good times, and be a healthy part of your social life.  As friends, they are there to lift you up and pat you on the back when you do something that’s good.

But what about those times when you’re not being all that you can be?  What about those times when you’re acting like a jerk, not being considerate of others, or are doing actions that are dishonest and/or out of character?

When these things occur, do you have friends that are willing to step in and tell you that you’re being an a-hole?  Will these same friends that cheer you on when you’re doing good be the same ones to step in and call you on your B.S. when you’re trying to get over on people?

And what about when you’re not living up to your potential?  Or what about when you are unaware that you’re consistently doing actions that are either annoying to the rest of your peers or harming them in some way?

You see, it’s easy for people to see you failing in some way and not tell you about it; oftentimes, they just assume that it’s none of their business and that, if you get too annoying, they can just walk away from the friendship.

Therefore, it’s really nice to have friends who love you enough to be honest with you about yourself, whether it’s when you’ve been a stellar upright citizen or a selfish moron.  Those are the best kind of friends to have: the ones who love you enough to help you become a better person by showing you corrections you need to make to your life.

Ah, having friends willing to be honest with you about yourself (the good AND the bad)… now THAT’S something to be thankful for!

– Aaron P. Taylor

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