#0073: Food Leftovers

You’ve cooked a big meal for a dinner party; you’ve prepared food for a party you’re throwing; or you yourself have gone to a friend’s barbecue, where an abundance of hot dogs, hamburgers, snacks and drinks have been prepared.

In all these situations, one thing remains the same: by the end of the night, there will be a HUGE load of food that has yet to be eaten.  And you know what that means, people?


Nothing caps off the end of a good food party than being able to actually take some it home with you (unless you cooked the food at home, in which case that part of the battle is already won for you)!  There are SO many great things about food leftovers:

1. It’s already cooked; all you have to do is re-heat and eat!

2. Many foods, such as soups or anything with a broth in it, taste even BETTER after the day they were cooked because they’re allowed more time to stir in their juices.

3. If you’re able to take home enough leftovers, you can easily go for a whole week without having to cook any new meals!

4. Best of all, leftovers are usually FREE! FREE! FREE!  Even if you cooked the meal yourself and had to pay for the food ingredients, you’ve still saved much more money by cooking the food in bulk and storing it up!

Ah, food leftovers… now THAT’S something to be thankful for!

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