#0074: Radio Stations that Play Oldies of Yesteryear

No matter what era  you were born in, they all have something in common: MUSIC.

Each generation has a litany of songs, music stylings and artists that are popular to listen to while they are growing up.  As they get older, some of these musical influences begin to taper off or be less influential as newer forms of music take hold.  This also means that the majority of radio stations, designed to cater to “today’s young listeners,” will stop playing these older tunes.


No matter if you’re tuning your radio to an FM or AM station, both frequencies usually have a few stations set up to play songs that were popular in a prior generation.  These songs – commonly referred to as “oldies” – vary depending on the era in which you were born, but it’s not hard to find at least ONE station to cater to your desired oldie taste.

Got a need for some smooth, 70s-styled soul music? There’s a station for that!  Wanna hear an old-school rapper kick some back-in-the-day hip hop rhymes? There’s a station for that! Heck, you can even find a station that plays music sung by actors in 1940s movie musicals if you feel so inclined!

Regardless of what your old school flavor may be, it’s nice to know that the musical genres of yesteryear aren’t just thrown away once they get old.  Nope – instead, they are stored safely and tucked away on one of the many radio stations that cater to those looking to give their ears a healthy dose of musical nostalgia!

Ah, radio stations that play oldies of yesteryear… now THAT’S something to be thankful for!

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