#0077: Free Condiments with Your Fast Food Meals (Suggested by Joseph)

You go to a fast food restaurant.  You order a hamburger, french fries, and some nuggets.  The drive thru lady then asks you what condiments you’d like with your meal. 

After thinking about it, you decide to get mustard and ketchup with your hamburger, some barbecue sauce for your fries, and some ranch dressing for your nuggets.  Once you’ve told the drive-thru lady what condiments you’d like, they add up the total for the hamburger, fries, nuggets and the condiments; you then proceed to drive up to the pay window and…

Wait a second – they didn’t charge you for the condiments at all, DID THEY?!?

Nope – they gave you your mustard, ketchup, barbecue sauce AND ranch dressing free of charge! How great is THAT?

In fact, the majority of fast food restaurants have packets of these various condiments out next to the soda machine, where anyone can grab as many ketchup/mustard/salsa/etc. packets they need to make their meal have that extra tang to it!

Now, you may think free condiments aren’t big enough of a deal to be thankful for.  But remember: there are a FEW places that DO charge if you try to get a condiment when you haven’t ordered something that normally would get one. 

For example, there are a few Burger Kings and McDonald’s restaurants that charge 15 to 25 cents for a barbecue packet if you haven’t ordered nuggets to go with it.  Remember how pissed you were when you tried to get a barbecue packet to go with your Big Mac, and they tried to charge you 25 cents for it?? It certainly made you appreciate the times you didn’t have to pay for it, didn’t it?

Ah, free condiments with your fast food meal… now THAT’S something to be thankful for! (Shout outs to Joe for the suggestion!)

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