#0080: Canned Food

Canned Food!

1. It doesn’t require storage at a cold temperature to stay fresh – in fact, because it’s vacuum-sealed shut into a can, you can store it at room temperature with no problem!

2. It’s usually pretty inexpensive.  You can get a can full of vegetables, meats, etc. for a low price in a big quantity!

3. The expiration date for canned goods is hecka-long.  Check the expiration date next time you buy a can of cranberry sauce – that food will still be consumable TWO YEARS from now!

4. Once the food is out of the can, the fun isn’t over yet! You can choose to recycle it for cash; use it as a target when shooting guns/arrows; make it your new cookie cutter… the possibilities are ENDLESS!

Ah, canned foods… now THAT’S something to be thankful for!

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