#0081: When Stereotypes Get You Out of Doing Annoying Chores

Stereotyping is bad. Bad, bad, bad, bad, bad…

Except when it gets you out of doing stuff you don’t want to do.

For example: there’s a stereotype about Asians that says they’re lousy drivers.  Sounds bad, right?

But let’s say you’re an Asian with a car. You’re about to drive off someplace when, out of nowhere, you see someone run out and yell:

“Can anybody give me a ride to the gas station? My car just broke down!”

That Asian person may not want to give that person a ride.  They may be praying hard that the person needing a ride doesn’t come up to them and ask to be driven.

Lo and behold: the person in need of the ride runs up to the Asian and is about to ask them for a ride…

But then, they “remember” that Asians can’t drive well.  So, they decide to pass on asking the Asian for a ride. Sounds sucky, but hey – that Asian didn’t want to give that person a ride in the first place!

Or, what about the stereotype that Mexicans are lazy, or that Black men are short-tempered?  These stereotypes are not typically true universally for either race… but best believe, if a racist boss comes through and tries to assign extra busy work to someone, it won’t be the “lazy” Mexican or the “easily frustrated” Black man.

You mean I can keep doing the work I’m doing and NOT be given extra work just because my boss believes a stereotype about me?  That’s GREAT! Plus, not only do I not have to do the work; if he really IS being racist, I can sue AND get more money than I would have gotten had I been assigned the work in the first place!

Ah, when stereotypes get you out of doing annoying chores… now THAT’S something to be thankful for!

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