#0088: Restaurants that Ban Screaming Kids (Finally!)

In North Carolina, owners of the Olde Salty restaurant in Carolina Beach made the news after putting up a sign with the following words: “SCREAMING CHILDREN WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.”

The reason for the “No screaming kids” policy?  The owners had been receiving multiple complaints from patrons about kids who were too loud with their screaming and/or crying.  Since the sign has gone up, business has increased – but then again, it’s not really hard to see why.

When I worked as a server, the absolute WORST nights were the ones where I’d see three or more families in the restaurant with screaming kids – ALL AT THE SAME TIME.  And NOBODY is able to enjoy their evening when this happens:

  • The other customers get annoyed because their intimate conversation can’t be heard over a screaming kid
  • The servers get annoyed because they have to explain to their table why they can’t just go over to the family and tell them to shut their kid up
  • The owners get annoyed because people start to get up and leave their restaurant if they can’t get the ambiance they were expecting

The fact that a restaurant had the bizalls to take a stand against this type of behavior is FANTASTIC.  I hope other restaurants follow suit, so that the next time I go someplace to eat, I won’t have to worry about some loud-mouth kid bursting my ear drums!

Oh, and for the parents that are upset that a policy like this exists, it can only mean one thing: you’ve had kids for too long, and forgot how annoyed YOU used to be when you were trying to woo your date and the table next to you had a kid that was screaming its head off for no reason.  WAKE up.  The policy doesn’t say you can’t come into the restaurant; it just says if your kid is screaming, it won’t be tolerated.  Meaning: they will ask you to take your kid outside and calm him the heck down – which is, as a parent, what you should do anyway!

Ah, restaurants that ban screaming kids (finally!)… now THAT’S something to be thankful for! (For the full story, click HERE.)

-Aaron P. Taylor

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One Response to #0088: Restaurants that Ban Screaming Kids (Finally!)

  1. Linda Stone says:

    I believe in family all the way, but when people take their children out in public sleepy, sick, hungry or just in a bad mood that only ends up putting that childs bad behavior on the public because usually the parent tunes them out !!! I have seen children with a diaper so soaked that it was almost dragging the floor, sleepy eyes barely open, so dirty they look like little pigs and sucking on an empty bottle so hard that you know that they must be very hungry !!! But Mommy is usually talking on her cell phone or just ignoring them and I think to myself Lord just let me get my meal eaten or my shopping done so I can get away from this screaming child, but it is not the child’s fault !!! I repeat this is not the child’s fault but the fault of the ignorant parent, only too self absorbed in their own life to tend to the concerns of their child or too selfish to wait on whatever “must have” thing to give the child a nap before bringing them out in public !!! And this is especially annoying at a restaurant where you only want to enjoy your meal in peace !!! I believe there should be at least one time a month or better still one day a week that you should be able to go to any restaurant where ALL children under the age of 16 would be BANNED, oh glory what a wonderful time that would be !!! Let me say again I believe in family all the way I raised 2 myself and have had the blessing of 5 grandchildren and we take any of them anywhere without worry because before we go they have had their nap, bath or dinner and are ready to be in public in a good mood. I would never expect anyone to put up with my annoying child and I don’t see why anyone else should put their’s on me either !!! So come on parents take a moment and think ” is my child ready to go or do we need to wait for nap or bath or dinner first ?” Thanks in advance for your future courtesy and attention to your children !!!

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