#0090: Having Relatives/Friends that Live in GREAT Vacation Spots

When going on vacation to another part of the world, one has to take into account so many expenses.  Aside from deciding what mode of transportation would be most affordable, one also has to consider how much they have to spend on the type of building they’ll stay in (motel, hotel, hostel), where they’re going to eat, and how long they’re going to stay (which is usually based on how much money they’ll have to fork out for the first two things).

These costs can add up to be pretty high.  For example, if you were to go to Las Vegas for a 4-day visit, the hotel costs alone could take up $500 – on the LOW end!  That’s before you’ve even seen a show, gone to a restaurant, rented a car OR slept with a hooker!

But that’s the type of money you’d spend if YOU were going there.  If you asked me how much I spend on these things, my answer to you would be: a whopping ZERO dollars!

Why? Because over 10 years ago, my aunt and uncle decided to make their home in Las Vegas. U know what that means?  Every time I want to take a break and relax in the city of sin, I ain’t got to pay for a place to stay!

Do you know just how WONDERFUL it is to be able to go someplace and save a HUGE amount of money by not having to pay outlandish hotel fees?  Instead of spending that money on a hotel, I can go to more shows and do more gambling that I’d be able to do were I needed to chuck out cash on a place to stay.

That’s the great thing about having relatives or friends that live in spots normally considered vacation places.  I know people who live in Atlanta, Chicago, and even Australia that I can stay with should I ever decide to want to vacation in those places.  Not only do I get to save money, I also get to spend time with people I care about, build memories with those people, and eat a whole LOT of free food at the same time!

Ah, having relatives/friends that live in GREAT vacation spots… now THAT’S something to be thankful for! (Shout outs to my Aunt Angie and Uncle Mel for letting me stay at their place in Vegas during Labor Day weekend!)

-Aaron P. Taylor

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