#0093: Small Dogs

Prior to moving to California, I always wondered why the majority of celebrities’ pets were small dogs.  I’d see a Paris Hilton or Nicole Richie in pictures with these small furry mutts and ponder why they didn’t get a dog that was a little bit bigger in size.

Now that I’ve had the chance to be around them more often, I have to admit: small dogs are WAAAAY better than big dogs are! Why?

1. They’re not as scary as big dogs.  Granted, if you’re looking for a dog to protect you, these aren’t the dogs you want to get.  With that said, I used to be EXTREMELY afraid of dogs, mostly because of how big they were.  With small dogs, the chances of having that fear are next to NONE – you’re bigger, stronger, and much more menacing to it than they would be to you.

2. They fit just about anywhere.  You can sit them on your lap when you drive; you can place them in your bag/purse; and, if you have to store them in a kennel, it’s small enough to not take up a whole wing of your house or apartment!

3. Their poop isn’t as big.  That means when you have to clean up their mess when walking them, you’ll only have to pick up feces the size of a few popcorn kernels as opposed to a pack of meatloaf.

4. If you’re a guy, they draw in girls like flies to honey.  Women are initially afraid of big dogs, but are ready to approach you if your dog is small and cute.  Plus, the fact that you’re taking care of another life that looks the size of a child… well, it’s gotta do something to a girl’s psyche – nothing but positive results for me so far! (Note: I don’t actually own a small dog, but I have dog-sat a few on occasion).

Ah, small dogs… now THAT’S something to be thankful for!

-Aaron P. Taylor

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