#0097: Models!

When you go into a clothing store or look inside a clothing catalog, there are usually hundreds of choices to choose from.  With all these choices available, how do you decide which outfit you should get?

The obvious answer would be to try the outfit on and see how you look in it.  However, with all the different combinations you could put together, trying on hundreds of outfits yourself would be quite time-consuming.  And, if you’re looking through a catalog, there’s no way you’d be able to try on the clothes you’re looking at since it’s printed on a piece of paper and not physically there for you to touch.

But wait! You don’t HAVE to try on all those clothes after all! Know why? Because there are people that will try it on for you – and those people, my friends, are called MODELS!!

Above: The music video for my NEW song, “Ooh, I’m a Model!” Feel free to share it with your friends! Available on iTunes – just click HERE!

Whether you’re looking at them posing in various outfits in a catalog, seeing their bodies decked out in new gear in a clothing store, or watching as they walk it out on some runway, models are the people we depend on to help us judge how an outfit may look on us. 

Another good reason for their existence: models, more often than not, look GOOD.  And, while not everyone may end up looking as good as models do (including the models themselves – they go through a HUGE makeover to look that good), it’s nice to think that buying the clothes their displaying will make us FEEL as though we could look that good. Even our clothes get an ego-boost from having models wear them!

Ah, models… now THAT’S something to be thankful for! (Also something to be thankful for: my NEW single, “Ooh, I’m a Model,” now available at www.APTsongs.com and iTunes!)

-Aaron P. Taylor

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