#0099: Being Able to Use YouTube to Learn How to Do Just About ANYTHING

It used to be that if a person wanted to know how to do something, they either had to (a) go to a bookstore or library and research it, (b) ask someone else to show you how to do it, or (c) say “screw it” and pay someone lots of money to do it for you.

Nowadays, though, it is much, much easier to learn how to do something on your own.  Why? ‘Cause chances are, if you’re needing to learn just about anything, you can find a tutorial for it on YOUTUBE!

Aside from the millions of funny videos and other junk people place on the site, there are people who do nothing but film tutorials about something they’re an expert in.  Thanks to YouTube, I’ve been able to learn:

  • How to key out a green screen background
  • How to take still picture images of the background on my computer
  • What site(s) to use to sell my music
  • How to create a website
  • The best way to move traffic to your blog site
  • How to create a plethora of delicious food dishes
  • Where to find the best download links online for (insert name of just about any program you may want)
  • How to download videos off YouTube
  • How to mix & master songs

And so, so, SO much more! 

And the best part is, unlike a book, many of the YouTube videos consist of a person with an actual VOICE telling you how to do what you’re learning.  Sure, reading about something is great, but you can usually get better clarity by actually HEARING a person tell you how to do something.  Plus, if you’re in the process of trying to do what they’re teaching you, you don’t have to constantly stop and start like you would with reading.

With YouTube, learning just about anything is made SO much simpler.  All you have to do is type a subject into their search engine, and you’ll usually end up with a whole list of videos waiting to show you what you need to learn.  Fan-friggin’-tastic!

Ah, being able to use YouTube to learn how to do just about ANYTHING… now THAT’S something to be thankful for!

-Aaron P. Taylor

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