#0100: Warranties!

When I got my MAC last year, the Apple sales person asked if I wanted to purchase a 2-year warranty for it.  By getting the warranty, I’d be allowed to bring the computer in to get fixed FREE OF CHARGE were anything to go wrong with it.

At the time, I couldn’t foresee anything bad happening to it.  After all, MAC computers have a GREAT reputation for not being as prone to viruses as PCs; plus, given how much storage memory came with it (250GB), I figured there’d be NO WAY I’d ever experience anything like slow down or crashes.

Fast-forward less than a year later – and sure enough, the MAC slowed down and, eventually, crashed 😦

I didn’t know how I was going to be able to fix it, especially since I didn’t have a job and couldn’t afford whatever cost the repairs would be.  All looked hopeless for my lil’ computer…


I remembered something very, VERY important: THE COMPUTER WAS STILL UNDER WARRANTY!

Sure enough, I was able to take it down to the Apple store and have them take a look at the computer.  Turned out, the hard drive had crashed and needed to be replaced.  They told me it would take about 3 to 5 days to fix up, but that they’d be able to do it for FREE!

Turns out, they LIED to me.

First off, it only ended up taking me less than a day to get my computer back.  And second, they weren’t able to fix my 250GB hard drive. Instead, they UPGRADED it to a 300GB hard drive!

All of this because a lil’ extra money was spent on getting a warranty.  The money you may put down on one when you first get it may seem like a hustle on the part of the salesperson, but I have found that having one usually ends up SAVING you money in the long run, especially when the thing you purchased starts to break down on you!

Ah, warranties… now THAT’S something to be thankful for!

-Aaron P. Taylor

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