#0102: Monthly Storage Spaces

Over the years, a person tends to accumulate a lot of stuff.  Some of this stuff continues to be used for years and years, while other things barely get touched or glanced at.

Even when there are things around your house that aren’t being used, you may still be adverse to getting rid of them.  Sometimes an item has sentimental value (i.e. your baby’s first toy, birthday cards), while other times you may just want to keep it because it’s yours, darn it, and you EARNED the right to have that thing you’re not using anymore!

Only problem: houses are only so big, and can only hold so much stuff.  Most of the space is already used up for furniture, food, people, books, etc.  Consequently, your house may not have enough room to hold all the stuff you’re trying to keep that you’ve collected over the years.

I guess this means you have no choice but to throw it away, right?


If you are really one of those pack-rat people who can’t seem to make up their minds about what to keep and what to get rid of, there are places you can go to called MONTHLY STORAGE SPACES to help you out!

For a set fee per month, you can take any excess items you want to keep but don’t have room for in your house, and put them in a storage unit.  They come in a wide variety of sizes and, if you have a LOT of stuff, you can rent more than one at a time.

Now, instead of having to get rid of that furniture set you bought in college, you can  store it someplace outside of your house where it will be safe until its design(s) come back in style!

Ah, monthly storage spaces… now THAT’S something to be thankful for!

-Aaron P. Taylor

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