#0103: Cell Phone GPS Applications (Suggested by Samantha)

Picture it: you’re in the middle of New York City, and have been asked to meet with someone at a Starbucks on (insert name of random street).

Normally, you would look up the address on your computer via Google or Yahoo! Maps, print out the directions, and follow them to your destination.  If that didn’t work, you’d hop in your car, turn on the good ol’ GPS system, and have your OnStar voice the directions to you.

But today, you’re nowhere near your computer (plus it’s a desktop – you KNEW you should have sprung a few extra hundred for that laptop!) and, since you’re in the Big Apple – you left your car parked in New Jersey.

How are you going to find out how to get to where you need to go??

Well, you could ask someone, but people in New York City aren’t always the friendliest.  The next best solution?


That’s right, folks – not only do they make GPS systems for cars; they also make them for that little hand-held device you carry on you wherever you go!  It’s convenient; it’s right next to you; and – as long as your phone is able to pick up an internet signal – it’s always there for you, ready to be used at any time!

How great is it that now, when you’re walking around in a city like New York, you can simply pull out your phone, type in an address, and find directions (both walking directions AND subway directions) to get you where you need to go in NO time?  Think of how much easier it would have been for the earlier explorers to discover places had THEY had things such as cell phones, GPS systems and electricity! Thank goodness WE get to have these sorts of helpful devices!

Ah, cell phone GPS applications… now THAT’S something to be thankful for!

-Aaron P. Taylor

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