#0105: How Easy It Is to Make Kids Laugh

Everyone likes to think of themselves as being somewhat funny.  It’s the reason we like to tell corny jokes to our friends, or perform actions that will elicit a guffaw from those around us.

However, it can be quite a chore getting adults to laugh when you want them to.  As people get older, they often don’t find things they once thought were funny to be as humourous anymore.  And, if they do, they try to pretend that they’re too mature to laugh at whatever so-called “immature” thing you may have said or done.

Luckily, there’s at least ONE group of people who always seem ready to laugh: KIDS!

If you’re wanting to feel like the “king of comedy” but have felt at times as though your jokes fell flatter than a girl with an A-cup, try your material out on some children. They are an easy target for any kind of so-called “juvenile” jokes (i.e. your fart jokes, silly voices, funny movements). 

Furthermore, you don’t even have to say anything all that funny for them to laugh!  I made most of my younger cousins laugh by doing simple things: calling them the wrong name; putting a shirt on backwards; interrupting them with random topics while they were trying to tell a story… the list goes on and on, but the results were always the same: a smile on their faces, and a hearty laugh that sounded like genuine joy.

Making people laugh ultimately makes everyone feel good – both the person laughing and the person trying to give a laugh.  So, if you need to give someone a chuckle and all the adults around you are acting stuffy and too serious, find a kid, put on your funniest face, and be prepared to hear some loud laughs!

Ah, how easy it is to make kids laugh… now THAT’S something to be thankful for!

– Aaron P. Taylor

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