#0106: Facebook

With the release of the new movie, “The Social Network,” all eyes are once again pointed towards the website responsible for the events in the film: FACEBOOK.

The movie chronicles the story of how the site’s creator, Mark Zuckerburg, ended up creating one of the most popular – and most profitable – websites the world has ever seen.  Just this past August, the Facebook site was visited by more people in a month than Google, a pretty towering feat considering the billions upon billions of hits Google usually receives each month.

It’s not hard to see why Facebook is not only so popular, but something to be thankful for as well.  The amount of social benefits the site has given us is pretty hard to ignore:

  • It allows us to connect on line with current friends and family
  • It allows us to re-connect with past friends or family members who live far away
  • It keeps us informed about what events are going on
  • It lets people express certain thoughts outloud that may or may not have been as comfortable to express if spoken
  • It lets us know if the person we have a crush on is single or in a relationship
  • It lets us share videos, news stories, and online links to interesting stuff with our friends right away
  • It lets you ask questions and perform online debates with anyone in the country, simply by leaving comments on each others’ walls

Even though this site didn’t exist until 7 years ago, it’s pretty hard to imagine the world without a site such as Facebook.  The ability to have a comedically-high amount of friends (some of which you may never meet in person) and connect with people via the online world allows us to feel as though we have some kind of value socially, even if its only through electronic medium. 

Oh yeah – if you get a chance to, make sure you check out “The Social Network” movie.  It’s one of the BEST MOVIES I’VE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE!! Here’s a review of the movie from my friend, Non Juan!

Ah, Facebook… now THAT’S something to be thankful for!

– Aaron P. Taylor

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