#0107: Having a Good Boss at Work

There are some people who get upgraded to a managerial position – i.e. “BOSS” – and suddenly become a-holes who try to rule with an iron fist.  These are the bosses that often get talked about negatively by their employees…

But how often is praise given to bosses that are actually GOOD at their job?

I’ve had quite a few jobs in my life thus far, and the majority of my bosses have actually been sane, rational, easy-to-get-along-with individuals.  And it makes sense ’cause… well, let’s face it: for the most part, if you’re not good with people, your job isn’t usually going to try to move you to a higher position, thus making them look bad in front of other clients or customers.

And what, exactly, makes up a “good” boss?  Here are a few things:

1. THEY’RE FLEXIBLE.  Meaning, they don’t have to do everything their way, and are willing to listen to your suggestions.

2. THEY ARE UNDERSTANDING.  A good boss is willing to see why you may need time off for something, or won’t tell you to put work before family should something arise outside of work that requires your attention.

3. THEY ARE GOOD LISTENERS.  They want to really know what their employees thoughts and feelings are about their job, and their lives in general.

4. THEY PUT THEMSELVES TO WORK AS WELL. Yes, they have employees to do the majority of things in the workplace, but a good boss is willing to be right their in the trenches with them when things get hectic.

5. THEY PUT EVERYONE ELSE IN A GOOD MOOD.  The general feeling a place has usually starts with the top person.  If the boss comes to work in a bad mood, that feeling can trickle down to their employees; if they come to work expressing happiness, that feeling will spread around instead.

Ah, having a good boss at work… now THAT’S something to be thankful for!

– Aaron P. Taylor

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