#0112: Mini Hand-Held Video Cameras

When I’m not blogging on this site, I spend a good majority of my time making videos and posting them on YouTube.

Up to about a month ago, I had to use other people’s cameras to get these videos done.  However, despite my friends’ niceness about me using their stuff, I knew I needed to get my own camera for those times when other ones weren’t available.

I searched on YouTube to see what other video cameras other people were using.  As it turned out, the most popularly used type of camera were hand-held ones.

My first thought was: “But do they have the same quality as my friend’s industry-standard Canon XHA1, which videotapes in HDV?”

For the most part, the answer was, “almost, but not quite.”

However, after going to Target one day and looking through the selection, I DID find out the benefits of owing one of these cameras:

  1. They’re small.
  2. They fit in your pocket.
  3. They’re easy to maneuver.
  4. They playback easy, especially since they don’t require a tape.
  5. They’re relatively inexpensive.

I decided to go with a Flip brand camera, the Ultra HD.  It holds up to 2 hours worth of footage, has a pretty decent battery life, and can film in 720p HD.

So, yeah, none of that technical talk may mean anything to you.  What will mean something to you, though, is that this camera is AWESOME!

I never knew how convenient being able to carry a camera on you at all times would be, until I was able to go to events that don’t allow cameras and sneak mine in; or record a conversation going on with a crazy lady on a bus (and not being seen by the lady because my camera was undetectable); or seeing a car crash on the highway and being able to pull out a camera just in time to film the hospital ambulances and fire trucks rescuing the people from the wreckage.

Having a hand-held video camera is GREAT because you are given the ability to film something at anytime, anyplace, whether it be newsworthy, entertainment-bound, or anything else you can think of. Heck, I’ve even used it to record myself freestyling so I can play it back and use it later when I’m writing songs!

Ah, mini hand-held video cameras… now THAT’S something to be thankful for!

– Aaron P. Taylor

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