#0117: The Ability of Women to Forget the Pains of Child-birth

Imagine taking a baseball bat and smacking yourself in the face with it.

Chances are, if you do this once, you’ll probably never want to do it again. Why? Because the intensity of the pain would be too much for you to want to have to experience again.

Women who go through the child birthing experience often have pains that are just as bad (if not worse).  Depending on the woman and the size of the kid coming out of her, they can be in labor anywhere between a few hours and a few DAYS.  Their bodies are tense, the sharp waves of pain are excruciating, and those final pushes before the baby is pulled out can be darn right BRUTAL.

After going through something like that, the LAST thing I’d imagine any woman would want to do is have to go through the process of having a child EVER again!

But lo and behold, many of them do.  In fact, some of these women end up going through this same experience multiple times, and end up creating families with anywhere from 2 to 20 children or more!

How is this possible?!?

Well, there have been several studies done over the years (one of which you can read HERE) and the overall findings suggest that women have the ability to forget just how intense the pains of child-birth actually were to them after a period of time.  This loss of pain memory can happen anywhere from 2 months after child birthing all the way up to 5 years, and it’s not hard to see why: the more distance a woman has from the pains of the event, the easier it is to forget just how bad the experience was when it happened.

And frankly, this is a very GOOD thing.  The continuation of our species depends on women being able to give birth to children, and were it not for a woman’s willingness to go through childbirth over and over again, our population would slowly start to dwindle.  Besides, women who have multiple children are the ones making up the part of the population that those who either can’t or don’t want children aren’t making.

Therefore, it’s good that the intense pains of labor and birthing are forgotten after a while by these women – otherwise, being pregnant would be legally sanctioned as a form of torture, and we’d ALL end up paying the consequence!

Ah, the ability of women to forget the pains of child-birth… now THAT’S something to be thankful for!

– Aaron P. Taylor

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One Response to #0117: The Ability of Women to Forget the Pains of Child-birth

  1. Thank you for this post! It is going to help me in my Psychology exam if I’m asked “Is forgetting necessarily a bad thing?” 🙂

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