#0119: Having Friends That Consistently Make You Laugh

Everybody knows at least one or two people in their close circle they can count on to provide them with laughs almost all the time.  These people may not even be comedians, but something about the way they act or say words just makes you bust a gut whenever you interact with them.

It may be a long-time best friend, a spouse, a cousin, a nephew… the list of possible people could go on forever.  Regardless of who they are, the function is the same: you can contact them up and know in advance that, by the end of your time spent with them, you will be effectively worn out from having laughed HARD.

When you find these people in your life, you should be VERY thankful.  In fact, both the person causing the laughter and the person doing it should be appreciative of their friendship. 

For the person causing the laughter, it gives them a person they know they can bring immense joy to on a regular basis, usually without having to do anything more than being themselves.  For the person who’s doing the laughing, it means they will have someone they can go to whenever they need a boost in joy, or just want to feel even better about their day.

Either way, the more you laugh, the happier and healthier you tend to be.  Those friends who are good at making you crack up regularly are actually helping to keep you alive longer – now THAT’S what I call a good health care program!

Ah, having friends that consistently make you laugh… now THAT’S something to be thankful for!

– Aaron P. Taylor

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